Bo Krogh ApS has completed or participated in the following projects:



Project Area


January 2016
June 2017

Barents Sea Mapping of ice thickness and topography in the Barents Sea, April 2017. The purpose of the 2017 AUV experiment was to map the three-dimensional structure of ice floes, and especially pressure ridges, in the Barents Sea in April, when ice growth is still occurring in an environment of thin first-year ice that is readily accessible by ship.

March 2014
October 2014

Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean

Observations of ice thickness and pressure ridges in the Beaufort Sea, August 2014, from USCGC Healy. The purpose for our team, headed by Prof. Peter Wadhams, Cambridge University, was to map the underside of ice pressure ridges with an AUV, simultaenously as a UAV measured the same ice floes from above. The AUV was positioned under the ice by means of a “USBL Positioning Buoy” developed by Bo Krogh ApS. See Cruise report.

September 2009 -
December 2014
North Sea, 
Danish Sector.

Siri Wellhead Caisson Crack Repair Project. Offshore Company Representative for DONG Energy on the Siri Platform during surveillance and installation of temporary and permanent support for a sponson tank.

February 2005 -July 2007
Norwegian Sea, Norwegian Sector.

Ormen Lange Field Development. Offshore Company Representative for StatoilHydro on survey/construction-, Ploughing-, Gravel Dumping -and pipelaying vessels during a wide variety of tasks from Debris- and Boulder Clearing, LBL Array installation and calibration to Rock Installation and Pipelaying.

February 2004 - March 2004
North Sea, Norwegian Sector.

Ekofisk Tank Decommissioning, Bottom Survey of Inner and Outer Annulli, for Subsea 7 and ConocoPhillips Norway. Bo Krogh ApS has sucessfully conducted a survey between the concrete walls of the Ekofisk Tank using a 250 kHz GeoSwath interferometric sonar. See picture gallery.

February 2002 - March 2002

The Greenland Sea,
75° N, 17° W

As part of the EU funded CONVECTION project, the Maridan M150 AUV was used to perform the first survey under ice in the arctic area. The AUV team was subcontracted to SPRI, Scott Polar Research Institute, where Prof. Peter Wadhams was the Project Co-ordinator. See Cruise Report. See picture gallery.

July 2001 The Sound, Denmark. Marine Archaeology survey over a wreck from 1648 in The Sound south-east of Elsinore using the Maridan M150 AUV. See picture gallery.
October 2000 Arresų, a lake in Denmark. Search & Recovery Survey for a ditched helicopter using the Maridan M150 AUV. See Search Report. See picture gallery.
October 2000 Kolding Fjord, Denmark. Marine Archaeology survey using the Maridan M150 AUV over a medieval wreck. See picture gallery.
April 1995 - February 1998

North Sea, Norwegian Sector. Vigdis Field Development. Project Survey Engineer for Saga Petroleum. Responsible for all survey-, trenching- and rockdumping activities during the development of 3 subsea templates in the Vigdis Field and Tordis Extension.

March 1995 -
August 1994

April 1994 -
July 1992 and

North Sea, Norwegian Sector. Statfjord Satellite Project, Project Survey Engineer. Responsible for all survey- and rockdumping activities during the development of Statfjord North, Statfjord East, Sleipner East and Loke oil- and gas fields. Also “Out of Straightness“ measurements in connection with determination of rockdump heights for prevention of “Upheaval Buckling“ of both steel- and flexible pipelines.

February 1990 -
June 1990
Venice Lagoon, Italy. Resident Engineer during a comprehensive morphological Field Investigation, carried out by Danish Hydraulic Institute for Consorzio Venezia Nuova. The study was part of the basis for the planned flood protection of Venice.
April 1987 -
October 1987.
North Sea, Norwegian Sector. Gullfaks B Project.
February 1986 -
March 1987
North Sea, Norwegian Sector. Gullfaks A Project.