Following the participation in the ISAR-5 conference in Tokyo, Japan in January-18, Bo Krogh ad Peter Wadhams have written a joint article, "Mapping sea ice from above and below", which is now accepted for review for the "Polar Science" journal. Read article HERE.

In conjunction with this,Peter Wadhams and Bo Krogh has written an article "The use of AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) under sea ice – achievements so far", read it HERE.

AUV Supervisor during the UNIS (University Centre in Svalbard) cruise to the Barents Sea onboard M/V Polarsyssel. The purpose for the team was to map the underside of ice pressure ridges with an AUV, simultaenously as the same ice floes were measured by laser from above. The AUV was positioned under the ice by means of the “Stand-Alone AUV Positioning Buoy” developed by Bo Krogh ApS.

Participated as AUV Supervisor during the “Arctic Shield FY14” cruise with USCGC Healy to the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska. The purpose for our team, headed by Prof. Peter Wadhams, Cambridge University, was to map the underside of ice pressure ridges with an AUV, simultaenously as a UAV measured the same ice floes from above. The AUV was positioned under the ice by means of an “AUV Positioning Buoy” developed by Bo Krogh ApS.


In order to strenghen my position as an independent AUV- and Survey Consultant, I have resigned as agent for Kongsberg Maritime A/S.



Bo Krogh is now Project Manger for Kongsberg Maritime AS, Horten, Norway on a Feasibility Study on AUV Ice Management in the Chuckchi Sea.


"Bring an AUV along and do Simultaneous Operations"

Bo Krogh ApS has launched the modified concept of using a Work Class ROV as the Launch & Recovery Tool for an AUV. 

The purpose is to save time in offshore operations where ROVs are used to do survey work. Let an AUV do it at the same time as the ROV is doing something else !

A REMUS 600 from Hydroid Inc. is the perfect AUV for this task.  

Bo Krogh ApS is now agent for the REMUS AUV's for Hydroid Inc.  
Bo Krogh ApS is now agent for the HUGIN AUV's and Hydrography Products for Kongsberg Maritime AS.  
Bo Krogh ApS has resigned as the Scandinavian Agent for Hafmynd Ehf. and the Gavia AUV.  

Kongsberg Maritime buys GeoAcoustics Ltd. Read more here:



Bo Krogh writes article to HYDRO International Magazine with the title: How To Save Time In Offshore Operations.

This article outlines the concept of bringing a Gavia AUV along in a drawer under an ROV and thereby doing double the work.

Download full article here (1.8MB): HYD_JulAug08_B-Krogh.pdf

Follow this link to HYDRO International Magazine's web-site here:



Bo Krogh ApS becomes agent GeoLine ApS, and specifically the new 3D GIS software GeoLine3D. Download brochure here.

Read more and download demo version here:


On the 17th April 2007 Bo Krogh ApS arranged a GeoAcoustics Seminar in Bergen, Norway. The seminar was held at the Fløien Restaurant, on the mountain above Bergen. See picture gallery.


On the 11th October 2006 Institutt for Marinteknikk, NTNU and Bo Krogh ApS arranged a demonstration of the GeoAcoustics GeoSwath 500 Phase Measuring Bathymetric Sonar on an ROV.

The demonstration was conducted from  NTNU's new research vessel R/V Gunnerus. See picture gallery.