HYPACK® is used by over 2000 surveyors around the world. The SURVEY program can be found on everything from a small notebook computers in a dinghy operator’s lap to a large rack-mounted system on an oceanographic ship.

HYPACK® is the result of over 10 years experience in running hydrographic survey programs in DOS, Windows™ operating systems from 3.11 to XP. While others are just beginning, HYPACK, Inc. has been fine-tuning features and adding functionality to remain on the cutting edge with new technologies.


HYPACK® performs all of the tasks necessary to complete your single beam or side scan survey from beginning to end. HYPACK®'s "Field to Finish" process allows you to collect your data, then apply corrections, automatically remove data spikes, perform final sounding selection, and generate smooth sheets or export info to CAD before you hit the dock.

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The optional HYSWEEP® module of HYPACK® is used to collect, display and edit data from multibeam echosounder systems. With over 100 HYSWEEP® users world-wide, HYSWEEP® has proven to be the easiest and most efficient way of getting your agency up-and-running in the world of multibeam.

  • Fact #1: If your boat crew can collect good single beam echosounder data, they can collect good multibeam data. With HYSWEEP®, you don’t need to replace your boat crew with PhDs. HYSWEEP® has been designed to make it easy for your crews to determine proper calibration and mounting angles.
  • Fact #2: The software you got from the multibeam manufacturer may be great at collecting data, but it is probably weak in generating final products, such as volume computations, surface comparisons, export to CAD, etc. With HYPACK® /HYSWEEP®, you have all of the tools you need.

HYPACK® interfaces with all systems manufactured by Reson, Inc. and Odom, along with the ELAC 1180 Hydrostar, Atlas Fansweep and some Simrad systems. Most recently, GeoAcoustic's GeoSwath Plus system has been integrated into HYPACK® /HYSWEEP®.

Download HYSWEEP Brochure here.