Bo Krogh ApS

Bo Krogh ApS is an independant consultancy/survey company with more than 30 years experience in the fields of hydrographic, engineering, archaeological, environmental and under ice surveys .

To lead our clients to success by combining newest technology with innovative methodologies to deliver quality data - the cornerstone of sound decision making and the key to real project savings.

Measuring Sea Ice from Above and Below

Bo Krogh ApS represents manufacturers of leading edge technology and software for the offshore and marine survey industries:


The ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) for Hydrographic Surveys

The Stand-Alone USBL Positioning Buoy

To be a leading supplier of highest quality data, solutions, equipment and software within the marine survey industry.

Bo Krogh Aps are working closely together with Professor Peter Wadhams on several projects concerning measuring sea ice from above and below.

In 2018 Peter Wadhams published the book "A Farewell To Ice".

Most of the scientific establishment predict that the North Pole will be free of ice around the middle of this century. As Peter Wadhams, the world's leading expert on sea ice, demonstrates in this book, even this bleak assessment of the future is far too optimistic. Read fx. about "The future of Arctic sea ice - the death spiral" or "The accelerating effects of Arctic feedbacks".

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Vision & Mission

Following our participation in the ISAR-5 conference in Tokyo in January 2018, we have now published a paper in "Polar Science" with the title: "Operational history and development plans for the use of AUVs and UAVs to map sea ice topography".

Download the full paper here:

This image is from our cruise with M/V Polarsyssel 22nd April 2017 shows the "Stand-Alone USBL Positioning Buoy", developed by Bo Krogh ApS. To the right is the small boat from M/V Polarsyssel with the  AUV Supervisor Nathan from Australia, the AUV Tech Unndor from Iceland, Professor Peter Wadhams from UK and a cockswain. The AUV is hanging on the side ready to be launced under the ice.
Position approx. 76° 27' N, 22° 50' E.

Download: 20191021 Peter Wadhams and Bo Krogh.pdf